UNIDO / Beirut Design Week / booklet


As a freelance graphic designer living in Beirut, it is always a pleasure to work on projects that contribute in the development of my beloved country Lebanon. The booklet for the below event was a great satisfaction to design, especially that these furniture installments are now imlpemented for the public at the Mina in Tripoli.

Since 2016, UNIDO has been working in the North of Lebanon to support the wood-working and furniture making sector.

UNIDO participated this year in the 7th edition of Beirut Design Week - aiming to stimulate creativity and innovation by creating networking opportunities between carpenters from the North and designers from different regions in Lebanon. Following the theme of this year “Design and the City”, UNIDO worked with designers, artist and architects to speculate on the relevance of public spaces in the city of Mina in Northern Lebanon in collaboration with Al Mina Municipality.