Decoding the Lebanese young way of living

I am not a professional economist neither a social analyst, but this was no brain-teaser. I am one of many who have worked in Europe at some point in my life. In that small interval, I have witnessed that most of my young European friends are very relaxed - unlike my friends back home. It was unlikely that you finish your bachelor by 21 and your higher education by 23. Then you are up and running making a living. Enjoying their late 20s and taking time in their education, was personally examined as “heads up in the clouds“.

I will step back to find the reasons behind all of this. I am sure that a lot of you also have came to this outcome but it’s nice to put it in writing. Put aside that public education in Europe is far more respected, private schools are also drastically cheaper. The bigger question is why are the young Lebanese so anxious to be earning money, and loads of it? Why are they buying cars they cannot afford and saving up on buying a residence instead of simply renting one for the time-being. The answer is simple. We live in a country with no social security, proper pension, or free medical facilities. We spend all of our young years in a race with time to save money. It is our instinct, or we are simply raised with these targets in mind: Buy a house, otherwise you will be kicked out on the streets when you are old and with no pension. Save money, so that you can afford a proper medical insurance. Get married and have kids, so that they can take care of you when you are timeworn.

How are the young Lebanese saving all that money for a house payment?
Simple, we are canny by living with our parents until the age of 35. As a freeloader, now we can buy a fancy BMW, party at the O1NE, and wear Ralph Lauren (#replica). Don’t be startled by these excessive spendings. In Lebanon, this is how men attract the opposite sex. It shows that a young man is wealthy and has everything planned. Similar to how a peacock spreads it’s feathers in order to mate. Once a female eyespots the colorful tail, everything is now under control. Little Lebanese children are on the way.

This is a good read for the middle class #Thawra.

Even if you are making a living - without these social benefits you will still not live. Not at your own pace.

Forever tense years of your young lives.

And for the children to come.

And botox is not the answer for the lost years.